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At Service Street, we know tires and can help you with ANY TIRE for ANY CAR, SUV or LIGHT TRUCK. And if you need tires, WE HAVE TIRES FOR VIRTUALLY ANY BUDGET. That’s our promise! From entry level all-seasons to top-of-the-line Michelins, we have a tire for every customer…PERIOD!

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Access the coupons below for our seasonal car and truck maintenance specials, tire alignment coupons and more. Take a look at our newest coupons below to help you with the costs of your car and truck “tune-ups.”

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Tires should be rotated every 6000 miles, give or take (see your owner’s manual for more specifics). The steering and driving tires in today’s all-wheel-drive and front wheel drive vehicles causes these tires to wear more quickly than your rear tires in many cases. So rotating these tires, per the manufacturer’s recommendations, back tires to the front and vice versa, is critical for tire longevity, even tire wear and proper control.

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Proper alignment is the key to keeping tires happy, especially here in Service Street. Our potholes and winter driving challenges and just general city and mountain driving (let alone any off-road action you might consider) can knock a car out of alignment very quickly. Once out of alignment, tires can wear out quickly and can cause other wear issues with the suspension of the car. We want to avoid having to replace tires any more often than needed.

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Sometimes we encounter tire damage from road debris, potholes, bumping curbs or just normal tire wear. Whatever the case Service Street can safely repair most tires in most cases —but there are times when replacement of the tire is a MUST. Click “More Info” below to watch a video and understand more about repairing and replacing damaged tires.

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