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Volkswagen Repair

The Volkswagen range of sedans, crossovers and wagons has grown to include hybrids, TDI Diesels, a full range of luxury option packages with variable horsepower engines. When you need VW repair, you need more than a place that is familiar with foreign cars; you need someone with VW experience. A Service Street Volkswagen repair tech is going to know that there is more to your GTI than it may seem, depending on the options package it includes. With VW, those options packages can change the type of engine and fuel system it has. At Service Street, you know our quality VW repair services are based in our attention to detail. It starts with the specifics of the options and model of your VW, and extends through the repair process.


Whether you have a new or older model Jetta, Passat, CC, EOS, Beetle, Golf or Touareg, we have the experience and expertise to do the right repair. More than just doing the VW repair you need, at Service Street; we focus on helping you prevent major repairs as well. When you bring in your VW to any of our locations for a routine repair appointment, this is when the Service Street technician gets to look for the symptoms of wear and failure throughout the car. It can be as simple as noticing uneven tire wear or a small leak that can reveal the potential arrival of an expensive repair.


Call and make an appointment with our specialist of Volkswagen repair today. We have convenient hours, so we can get you an appointment that won’t disrupt your life.