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Toyota Repair

The 90000 Toyota repair check is essential for your car. Whether you have owned your Corolla from the very beginning, or purchased a used Camry near the 90000 mark, you want to bring it in to Service Street for a repair of Toyota vehicle check. During the 90000 Toyota Service we are looking at some of the most essential parts of your engine and drive system to make sure that they are still in good enough condition to drive. It is not that the parts are prone to failure at this point, but that by the time a car has reached the 90000 point, the natural wearing on the engine parts means they may be ready to be replaced.


Toyota issues a standard protocol for each Toyota repair  mileage mark that our technicians follow. We then also check your Rav4, Highlander, Sienna or Prius for the additional wear that we know can happen just by driving around the area. The geographic location of the majority of your driving plays an important role in how fast, or slow, part will wear out. Also, the type of driving that you do will also influence what a Service Street Toyota repair specialist may recommend you change on your car.


The most important parts checked during this Toyota repair mark will be your timing chain and the condition of your valves. Performance cars like the Avalon may have stresses caused by speed that the Sienna Minivan may not experience. The Sienna, like the FJ Cruiser and Land Cruiser, will have more wear on the braking and suspension system than the lighter Yaris. Our Toyota repair specialists make sure the service matches the type of Toyota you have. Call today and schedule an appointment at Service Street for your next repair or Toyota service.