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Porsche Repair

There are three major milestones in maintaining your Porsche. These are the 30, 60 and 90k Porsche repair and service points. In between each of the major repair and service points, it is essential that you also bring your vehicle into Service Street for regular and seasonal repairs. For owners of the popular Porsche Boxster, Spyder, Cayenne, 911, 918 or Panamera models; figuring out what regular and seasonal repair means can be very different than what owners of other auto brands will discover.

Whether you are driving one or the S series, Turbo, GTS or even a hybrid model; the Porsche performance standard is maintained by the use of synthetic oils and synthetic oil blends in the engine. Synthetic oil requires a much different maintenance schedule than conventional oil. Many owners will rely on the schedule of oil changes to make sure they are having regular Porsche repair and service appointments, but with synthetic oils you may go 25,000 miles between being seen and that is too long. As part of the Porsche repair we offer, we visually inspect the underneath of the vehicle. That is where you can spot most problems beginning. If your Panamera 4S Executive is using synthetic oil, we won’t see it often enough to spot the camber going off on your alignment. The best habit to get into is to make an appointment every 3 months to have your tires serviced to make sure your Porsche gets seen.

Call and make an appointment with a Service Street for your next repair and Porsche service. We have 4 convenient locatations and our extended service hours make scheduling an appointment easy. We only use Porsche OEM and recommended parts and fluids in all our maintenance and repair services.