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Audi Repair

Your Audi service should be one of your top priorities. After all you want your vehicle to last you as long as possible and here at Service Street we want the same thing. We have developed a reputation with Audi owners and continue to strive to make sure that you and your car are as happy as possible.


You need to understand when certain maintenance should be preformed. If you forget we will be able to assist you. Your oil is one of the easiest things to remember but not many people remember when they should service their transmission.


We keep a log of all the dates that you had certain Audi service provided and will be able to look to tell you if it is time for something else. This is extremely beneficial as those who take their vehicles to different shops will find that the records that they need are not readily available. One record might be at one place but with the other somewhere else you would have a hard time calling each shop to make sure you have not exceeded the recommended time.


Another convenience is that you will be able to order parts from us. We can provide you with any Audi part that you need and if it is not in stock we will order it for you right away to assure that you get it as soon as possible. We also have a great deal of newer vehicles for you to check out such as the R8 or RS 5 if you are interested in adding another car to your collection.