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Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment and tire balancing are two separate services provided at Service Street that are often combined together. It is important to understand the distinction between the two so you can become more aware of what may be causing the symptoms you are noticing. Each service does not have to be done at the same time, but in some cases it is better to do them together.


A wheel alignment involves maintaining the proper positioning of the tires on your vehicle in relationship to each other, and to the car and ground. The toe and camber measurements refer to the angle of the sidewalls of the tire. Poor wheel alignment can result in excessive or uneven tire wear, poor fuel economy and steering difficulty. Tire balancing refers to the ability of the tire to turn smoothly on a rim. Weights are affixed to the rim to provide a counterweight to a tire that may be heavier in certain sections due to its rubber components. An unbalanced tire will cause uneven tire wear and shaking when driving. Unbalanced tires can also create a very hazardous situation when combined with a poor wheel alignment, increasing the risk of loss of control over the car while driving.


Call and make an appointment at Service Street today to have your wheel alignment checked. If you are rotating or replacing your tires, it is recommended that you have a wheel alignment done with the tire balancing.