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Oil Change

Everyone knows that having a regular oil change performed will help your car last longer. There are times when you want a more frequent oil change scheduled. When you have taken a long trip or a trip that exposed the car to unusual driving conditions, like in high altitude areas such as the mountains, you will want to have an oil change done even if you just had one before the trip. This can help keep your engine working to its maximum performance rating.

At Service Street, our oil change technicians can show you what your oil reveals about the journey your car has been on. Depending on the color or thickness of the oil that is drained from your engine, it can tell a qualified technician if the engine has been put under extreme stress. By knowing this from the old oil, we can choose a better oil weight that is recommended by the manufacturer of your car for extreme driving conditions. Don’t assume you know what is extreme, let a Service Street tech tell you what the oil reveals. The weight of your oil can make the difference between keeping an engine in optimum operating temperatures and letting an engine overheat to the point it begins to create damage.

Make an appointment today at Service Street at any of our convenient locations to learn what is the best oil, and schedule of oil changes, for you to have to keep your car within safe operating temperatures. By working with us, you can follow a routine with your car’s maintenance to extend its life.