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Check Engine Light

The check engine light does more than just tell you there is an error code waiting to be read in the computer control unit of your vehicle, it can tell you how important that message is. Almost all vehicles use a check engine light system that will turn on when there is a malfunction in the emission control system. If the malfunction is minor, a steady light appears. If the malfunction affects a part of the emissions that could lead to damage to the catalytic converter, the check engine light will flash.

You should never ignore your check engine light. When it turns on, call and make an appointment at Service Street. We can read your error code quickly and discuss with you the potential causes of the problem. A check engine light may indicate a sensor failure, or it could indicate that a sensor has failed because an internal part of the engine or electrical system has gone wrong. One of the qualified technicians at Service Street can assess the problem and give you the information you need to make a decision about how to proceed.

Ignoring a flashing check engine light could lead to an expensive repair. Call and make an appointment at Service Street as soon as your check engine light turns on. We have extended service hours so you can come in when your schedule allows. Our stock of OEM and approved replacement parts allows us to handle any repair needed quickly, so you are back out on the road fast.