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Brake Repair

Bad brakes can put you and your family at risk. Don’t wait for the warning light or squealing sound before you come in to Service Street for brake repair. Make it a regular part of your car’s routine maintenance. One of the best practices you can develop as a car owner is to have regular oil changes done every 3,000 miles. If you combine brake repair with that appointment, you can avoid many costly repairs. At Service Street, we offer brake repair packages that can help make it an affordable part of your routine car care.

Your car's brake system involves more than just the brake pads or drums. During your appointment, our brake repair technician will check the brake wiring, lights, fluid, lines and appliance as well as the drums and pads. Even checking the level of your brake fluid is not simple anymore. The brake fluid system is a sealed system and any air that gets into the lines can cause your brakes to fail. A Service Street brake repair specialist will also be able to tell if the amount of fluid you have lost between appointments may be indicating a more serious problem with the system. Your car’s brake system is complicated; stay safe on the road by bringing it to Service Street for brake repair you can rely on.

Call and make an appointment at Service Street today. We stock a large selection of OEM and approved brake parts for all makes and model cars so your brake repair will never be delayed.