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60,000 Service

At Service Street during the 60,000 service check, a great deal of attention is given to the fluids in your car that are not serviced as often as the oil. Oil changes are commonly performed every 3,000 miles, the transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid change frequency is not as often. A Service Street technician will examine the fluids removed for any tell-tale signs of internal problems with your engine that may need to be addressed. Certain forms of discoloration or thicknesses to the fluid may indicate a failing internal seal that could cause your engine to overheat in the future. At our Service Street locations, we have a wide range of recommended 60,000 service replacement fluids, filters and parts to make sure you are back on the road as quickly as possible.

The mistake that many people make in having their 60,000 service check done is taking it to a service station that follows the basic recommendations for the 60,000 service and doesn’t take into account the manufacturers recommendations for the service under certain driving stresses. At Service Street, we look at how the car is driven and where, not just the mileage mark.

Bring your car in today for your 60,000 service check and make sure you are getting the right things checked to make sure you don’t get stranded later.