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30,000 Service

During the 30,000 service check, Service Street will check the levels of all the fluids in the vehicle, replace and add fluid as necessary, check your brakes, visually inspect your drivetrain system and safety systems. When a Service Street trained technician does a visual inspection, they are not only looking for signs of wear but also, signs of leaking and seeping that may indicate a future costly repair. The 30,000 service check marks an important maintenance milestone to ensure you continue to get maximum performance and life from your vehicle for years to come.   

The inspection is based on the manufacturer maintenance standards, the model, the owner's driving style and the age of the car. You will leave armed with detailed knowledge specific to your vehicle's status. Service Street is a reputable service center built on trustworthiness and reliability. We make it easy and convenient for you by offering quick but quality service, multiple locations you could choose from, shuttle service, a clean waiting area with free W-Fi and hot coffee for you to enjoy. 

One of our friendly staff members is waiting on your call. Make your appointment today at Service Street for your 30,000 service. We are open Monday - Sunday.